Monday, July 4, 2011

The results are in for The Great Victorian Scavenger Hunt 2011!

So is it fame or shame for your Group in 2011???

There was a fair bit of twisting the rules that I didn't let people get away with this time. Pub beer coasters & pie bags do not count as business cards and the "Victoria" signs had to be on Victorian buildings - not on Galleries Victoria, etc... Hand written sings that said "Department of Education" were never going to work.

It does appear that some of you, judging from your pictures, simply treated the day as a chance to pick up men in uniform!! Mmmm

And so to this year's awards:

The Irish Famine Award goes to: Group 4 Lara, Lucia, Lauren, Sarah & Sharon on 633 points. Starving for points in last place, but a brave effort girls - well done!

The Charge of the Light Brigade Award goes to: Group 2 Shanaaz, Connie, Natasha & Jamie on 657 points. Not many left of you standing when the smoke of battle cleared away.

The Prince Albert Award goes to: Group 1 Sophia, Winnie, Carol & Renee on 697 points. A brave effort but your group died way before the end.

The Indian Mutiny Award goes to: Group 3 Maddy, Pearl, Clara & Esme on 745 points. They used every trick in the book, hand made signs, extra group members, fake photos from books, anything & everything to win in the true spirit of the British Empire. But they didn't! Sad really - but the rest of you probably don't think so, lol!

And so....

To first place...

The Queen Victoria Award goes to: Group 5 Bec, Brenna, Kayla & Caroline on 774 points. Congratulations on an outstanding effort. The only group to get to every single location and answer nearly every question correctly. Three cheeers for you!

So have a think about how the game can be improved for the next group.

Hope you had some fun!